Historical Foundations of our Republic
Updated: 2/10/2020
Historical Foundations of our Republic
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  • Why should he have less opportunity than the rich people?
  • But he's part of the largest social class. He knows what they want. Him or any other person in any other social class should have a say in the government.
  • Because he doesn't know what's important, so he wont be able to lead properly.
  • They posted them so that everyone could read them. Their called the Twelve Tables.
  • Hey! What is that?
  • It says Rule of Law. It's a bunch of rules that the senate made.
  • YOU can't! That's unfair and illegal. You need to discuss it with parliament first.
  • It states that the monarch can no longer make rules by themselves. They must work with the parliament to create laws.
  • Remember the Magna Carta?
  • I'm going to make a new law that makes everyone give me their money. HA HA HA!
  • WHAT!?! Since when?
  • I believe that if the government is not protecting the subjects law, they should be allowed to overthrow the government. The people should be able to stand up for themselves if somethings not right.
  • WHAT RUBBISH LOCKE! Nobody should be able to overthrow the government. The government should be so powerful that they make all of the decisions.
  • It's the document that we just signed. It says that we will follow the laws that will later be made. It's going to help us keep order.
  • The Mayflower Compact was a good idea!
  • What's that?
  • Hello Gentlemen. We are gathered here today to discuss new laws that should be put in to action and more.
  • Yeah. In all of the colonies, the subjects are getting a say in the government. They get to choose who is in the assembly.
  • I like how things are going right now.
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