Updated: 1/24/2020
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  • Warships (1794)
  • The British are getting more aggressive so we are taking caution.
  • Making Militia
  • The Louisiana Purchase
  • Washington took caution because the British were getting aggressive so he authorized the production for six warships. "Congress responds to British aggression by authorizing the production of six warships and announcing a sixty-day embargo on American shipping," (Washington). This shows that Washington was protecting his country. 
  • Farmer's Rebellion
  • John Adams starting making a militia for defensive in case of war with France. "... to raise a militia for 80,000 men for defensive purpose in case of war with France," (Adams). This shows that Adams wanted to make sure that his country was protected.
  • Washington Chief
  • Jefferson made a deal with France increasing the size of America by 140% and while also signing a peace treaty with France. "This day marks the official signing of a peace treaty with France and the purchase of Louisiana," (Jefferson). This explains that Thomas Jefferson was a good at talking and negotiating.
  • Jefferson Reelected
  • Farmers were starting to rebel but Washington wasn't scared to stop it with force so he sent a militia to stop it. "... he calls up more than 12,000 men and dispatches them to Pennsylvania where upon the insurrection dissolves," (Washington). This proves that Washington has the courage to stop things with force.
  • John Adams makes George Washington commander in chief of the Army. "Adams appoints George Washington to serve as commander in chief of the United States Army," (Adams). This demonstrates that Adams was smart because he knew that Washington was a good leader for the army.
  • On the 5th of December, 1804, Thomas Jefferson was reelected. "Thomas Jefferson is officially reelected President of the United States," (Jefferson). This express that the people wanted Jefferson to lead them.
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