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Chinese Creation Story
Updated: 4/18/2020
Chinese Creation Story
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  • The Chinese Creation story began with Yin and Yang mixed together in an egg. Yin and Yang are opposites.
  • The egg suddenly burst and a dragon named Pan-Gu jumped out. Pan-Gu separated the two halves of the egg, separating the Yin and Yang.
  • For 18,000 years, Pan-Gu grew 10 feet per day, and so the sky was raised higher and higher. Pan-Gu began to form mountains, oceans, land and stars.
  • Pan-Gu became tired and died after 18,000 years. His skull became the sky, his hair became the plants, his legs and arms became the 4 directions and his bones became jade and pearls. His blood formed rivers, his breath became wind and his voice was thunder. His eyes became the sun and the moon.
  • After Pan-Gu died, the half-dragon goddess Nuwa was born. At this time, there were no people on Earth. So Nuwa decided to create other beings so that she could talk to them, share her ideas with them and have people to love
  • Nuwa created humans using clay. She gave them legs instead of tails. After the first human was made, it began to talk and jump and dance. Nuwa was happy and made lots more humans. Nuwa instructed the humans to populate the Earth and she became known as the Mother of Humans.
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