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Updated: 2/25/2021
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  • What if something has been stolen?
  • For several days Miss Rottenmeier had been wandering silently about the house. When she went from room to room or along the corridors, she would often glance back as though someone was following her. It went the same with all the other servants. The reason for all this uneasiness was because the servants had been finding the front door open every morning.
  • Or what if the house is haunted?
  • John and Sebastion prepared themselves to watch throughout the night and catch the ghost of the house. When the clock struck midnight, John went out into the hall while Sebastion waited in the room. As soon as he saw the front door wide open, a gust of wind blew out his candle and, a white figure went up the stairs of the house. John was so frightened that his face was pale.
  • So far, Miss Rottenmeier had not told the children anything about the ghost since she thought they would be too frightened to be left alone. Now, however, she went straight to their room and told the children about the ghost.
  • I am afraid to tell you that there is a ghost in the house.
  • OH NO!