Updated: 2/21/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hi today I'll tell you about the 4 steps of lumbering.
  • Step 1- Felling of trees
  • First we choose the tree and then the high riggers who cut the trees climb up the trees.
  • Step 2-Limbing
  • The removal of tree branches and cutting the trees into smaller logs is known as limbing.
  • Step 3-Skiding
  • A process of dragging or pulling the loggs out of the forest to a nearby riverbank, roadside or a railway station is known as skiding
  • Step 4-Hauling
  • In the final stage , the logs are transported to the mills or factories. River currents are used for transporting logs downstream. Haulers have to ensure that the logs do not pile up and float swiftly down the river
  • So these are the 4 steps of lumbering.