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The Monroe Doctrine
Updated: 1/10/2020
The Monroe Doctrine
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  • Early 1820's
  • Yes! we finally have our own freedom!!
  • Okay, I will let the others know.
  • 1 8 2 3
  • "Any attempt by a European power to exert its influence in the Western Hemisphere would be considered a threat!"
  • Okay, ill let them know you sent me!!
  • Sir, I would like you to give this letter to congress, and let them know I sent you.
  • Around this time of period, many of the Latin American countries such as Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia had won there independence from Spain. But Britain and the United States were afraid that Europe would try and restore the colonial government in the regions.
  • It was December 2, 1823, and James Monroe was getting ready to share his speech about how he thinks that it is best if Europe staysaway from the Latin American countries. This speech is what started the Monroe Doctrine. He made an agreement with Europe saying that they should keep there distance from each other, and be two different spheres of influence.
  • We have decided to continue having the Monroe Doctrine
  • It was 1833 and James Monroe was sending a letter to congress, but congress didn't even bother to acknowledge the letter that was sent by James. Since the U.S wasn't a big country at the time it was also ignored outside of the U.S border. Around this time Britain and France were also imposing a novel blockade against Argentina.
  • It was around 1870 and the United States was beginning to grow. The larger the U.S was becoming, the more the Monroe Doctrine was getting acknowledged, around this same time period, the Monroe Doctrine was also being used to justify a long series of U.S interventions in Latin America. The european countries were also threating the Latin American countries.
  • Around this time, Franklin D. Roosevelt is the president, and it is right after world war II they had signed the treaty. Around this time, the United States has also continued to use the the Monroe Doctrine to just its interference in the affairs of its southern neighbors.
  • Later on, 1926 during the Cold War President John F. Kennedy invoked the Monroe Doctrine. In about 1830 President Ronald Reagan had similarly used the Monroe Doctrine, after the U.S invasion of Panama. After the Cold War was over the U.S reduced its military involvement in Latin America.
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