English Homework
Updated: 2/7/2020
English Homework

Storyboard Text

  • hey dont you think that we're learning stuff thats a bit too hard for our age?
  • Omg you find it hard too? I thought it was just me. Maybe the school is trying to get a better academic status?
  • Take it easy for a while. I'll talk to the teachers
  • Mom I've been feeling a little sad lately. Schools been really though and I can't push through. All they're caring about is status.
  • Don't you find the work the kids are doing for school so confusing, Syllabuses, Grades, exams all so much?
  • Honestly yes. Hey remember when we were kids we would have passed by writing our names
  • I mean on the flip side atleast when we actually learn it we won't be confused
  • Oh yeah thats true. We'll know what to do when others might not. Let's think of it as an advantage.
  • I mean the school does provide you with fairs, events and carnivals all the time. I don't think its the schools 'fault.
  • Yeah I guess you're right. I'll focus on myself for a bit.
  • I mean at least the education systems are getting better. We didn't even know what the internet was back then. But, now they do.
  • I guess you're right maybe they'll end up becoming someone really important? You never know