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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/8/2020
Unknown Story
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  • After Snowball was gone, Napoleon become the new lead of the animals, Napoleon tell the animals that Snowball has took away his plan about the windmill. He make the animals start working on the windmill.
  • The animals started to break down stones to make the windmill, they work for a long period of time, but the pigs just conduct the animals to work but they are not working themself, and they say that they use brain to work.
  • One day, Mr Jones and the other farmers come to Animal Farm and started to attack them. The farmers lose but they bomb their windmill, the animals were really sad, but they had to start to build a new one.
  • The horse Boxer was working really hard although his friend the donkey Benjamin and the orange horse Clover cell him not to work so hard or else you will get hurt. Boxer just say:" I will work harder."
  • One night, a stone drop on Boxer's head and he was dead, all the animals was really sad.
  • After a few years, the pigs know how to walk using two legs, they invite the other farmers to come and visit their windmill. They totally forgot the Seven Commandments that they made, now they are saying:"Four legs good, Two legs better!!!"
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