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Updated: 5/21/2020
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Martin Luther and the Reformation

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  • With abuses in the church, many people questioned the Catholic Church. Such as the sale of indulgences, simony pluralism, absenteeism and nepotism were the abuses.
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  • Martin Luther was an Augustinian monk and priest who was born in Germany. He was a professor at a university and taught Theology.
  • There were a few major influences of the Reformation. Such as the wealth of the church, the printing press which was built by Johannes Guttenburg, along with the influence of the Renaissance, the power of kings and queens and then the abuses of the Catholic Church.
  • John Calvin, led the Reformation in Geneva and founded the Presbyterian church.
  • Ulrich Zwingli led the reformation in Switzerland and he did not set up a church or movement.
  • Henry VIII began the reformation in England and after his daughter, Elizabeth I converted the country to Protentasim.
  • Due to the loss of members of the Catholic Church to the Protestant church, missionaries were sent around the world in hopes of having people convert to being Catholic Christians.
  • The consequences of the reformation had many bad aspects to them, such as the killing and attacking of the two branches of Christianity involved.The council of Trent had gathered and they ruled out things about faith and discipline.The religious order or Jesuits spread Catholic Christianity around the world in hopes of getting people to join.The converting to Protestantism didn’t have any effect to Spain and Italy and they remained Catholic.As Christianity split some more, new architecture was introduced along with education being provided.However, the most fatal thing that happened are probably the religious wars that were caused.
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