Reading is Psychological

Updated: 4/14/2020
Reading is Psychological

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I personally don't remember reading many graphic novels. However, I love the idea of it for young readers. I think that having the comic strip type style allows the reader to better visualize what is going on in the story. I also think that it would be helpful for emergent readers, as they can guess what is going on just by the pictures in the story. I also love that Yang was able to create graphic novels even for subjects like algebra. Yang pointed out that it offers a visual option while learning tough subjects. I think that allowing learners to look at the Algebra comics as many times as they'd like, is such a helpful tool in learning. The readers can read the comics at their own pace, therefore, allowing them to not miss anything because they weren't understanding it the first time.  After reading "In Defense of Graphic Novels", I can see where there would be criticism about comics or graphic novels. I, too, immediately think of comic strips that have a buff hero trying to save the girl or comics that involve fighting. However, I have now realized that does not have to be the case. Especially after reading Yang talk about using the comics for subjects like math. Kathryn also makes a valid point about not all graphic novels are intended for younger children, as is the case with any type of tv show, movie, etc. It is up to the educator and parents to choose novels which are intended for younger audiences.  I also really enjoyed reading Kathryn's topic on instilling the desire to learn into your students. Personally, I think that might be the most important role as an educator. Young children always seem to follow what the adults around them are doing. So, as a teacher it is definitely important to let your students know how much you enjoy learning, as well. 

Storyboard Text

  • My biggest "AHA" moment, was when Kathryn pointed out the criticism against comics and graphic novels
  • There are plenty of forms of media that are not intended for younger audiences
  • It is important for educators and parents to choose the right books that are intended for the ages they're working with
  • Graphic novels and "comics" can be used for subjects even like Algebra
  • I think anyone can learn to enjoy Algebra if they're learning from a comic strip!