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A Raisin in the Sun
Updated: 4/3/2018
A Raisin in the Sun
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  • Well, what was you doing all that yelling for if I can't get in there yet? Check coming today?
  • They said Saturday and this is just Friday & I hope to God you ain't going to get up first thing this morning & start talking to me 'bout no money-'cause I 'bout don't want to hear it.
  • (Watching the bathroom) Daddy, come on! (Walter gets his bathroom utensils and flies out to the bathroom)
  • Mama, could I please go carry groceries?
  • (Simply, and with flavor) 'Cause we don't have it.
  • What you tell the boy things like that for? (Reaching down into his pants with a rather important gesture) Here, son- (He hands the boy a coin, but his eyes are directed to his wife's) (Without even looking at his son, still staring hard at his wife) In fact, here's another fifty cents...Buy yourself some fruit today-or take a taxicab to school or something!
  • Who the hell told you you had to be a doctor? If you so crazy 'bout messing 'round with sick people then go be a nurse like other women- or just get married and be quiet...
  • In this scene, Ruth is cooking breakfast for her family while her husband is waiting for Travis to get out of the restroom, in the meantime they are talking & discussing things. 
  • Well- you finally said it...It took you three years but you finally got it said. Walter, give up; leave me alone-it's Mama's money.
  • Travis is in the restroom getting ready for school & trying to call his dad so he can get ready as well.
  • Who that 'round here slamming doors at this hour?
  • What was you and your brother fussing 'bout this morning?
  • In this scene Travis is asking if he can carry bags at the grocery store because he wants to buy something but mother tells him he can't have money & that he can't carry bags, that's when his dad steps in & gives him money so he can buy a few things he wants. 
  • Now-you say after me, in my mother's house there is still God. In my mother's house there is still God.
  • In this scene Walter is talking to his sister asking how she is & if she knows how much the cost of her medical school will be, to talk to mama to convince to give them money but she refuses saying that money belongs to mama & Walter gets mad.
  • In this scene mama comes in after hearing all the noise they were making. She goes to her plant at the window & gives it attention & waters it & asked what was all the noise about & why were they arguing.
  • That was Walter Lee. He and Bennie was at it again.
  • It's not important mama.
  • At the end of act 1 scene 1 Beneatha got an attitude with mama & started to insult God in her mamas presence. Mama wasn't going to tolerate that so she slapped her made her repeat something & left.
  • In my mother's house there is still God.
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