ELA Destination Project
Updated: 3/11/2020
ELA Destination Project

Storyboard Description

By: Victoria Sierra Period 5, 3-10-2020

Storyboard Text

  • Planning for a Vacation:Step 1: First find out where you wanna go and check the Prices.Step 2: Pick the time and dates.Step 3: Don't forget to take time off work.
  • Getting ready and Packing:Step 4: Prepare your paperwork and luggage.Step 5: Drive to your airport.
  • Airport Process:Step 6: Go to flights bagging area and wait in line.Step 7:Have your paperwork and luggage ready to be checked up.Step 8:Wait in line to head through security check.
  • Airport Process:Step 9: Head to your designated terminal.Step 10: This is optional, you can stop and have something to eat before the flight.
  • Airport Process:Step 11: Head to your Gate Number and wait.Step 12: When the gate opens ,you have to be ready for when your group is called and every airline is different.
  • Airport Process:Step 13: You board the plane and find your seat number.Step 14: Enjoy your flight.Welcome Aboared
  • By: Victoria Sierra