Antigone Scene/Ode 1 Comic Strip
Updated: 1/11/2021
Antigone Scene/Ode 1 Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Creon
  • The Sentry
  • The Choragos
  • Creon can be described as a strict and harsh ruler that has no mercy for anyone that breaks the laws. He believes that the laws he set in place are the only just laws, and if one were to go against them, they would receive a cruel punishment. As Creon said, "I swear by God and by the throne of God, the man who has done this thing shall pay for it!" (Sophocles, Scene 1, 121 -122)
  • The Sentry can be described as timid and fearful when he presents to Creon the news that someone had buried Polyneices against his will. He fears for his life and is terrified of Creon's power. As the Sentry stated, "I'll not say I'm out of breath from running, King, because every time I stopped to think about what I have to tell you, I felt like going back." (Sophocles, Scene 1, 58 - 59)
  • The Choragos can be described as loyal and submissive to Creon and his laws. The Choragos will do what it takes to please Creon, and never tries to go against what Creon has to say. As the Choragos stated, "If that is your will, Creon son of Menoeceus, you have the right to enforce it: we are yours". (Sophocles, Scene 1, 48 - 49)
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