English CAT

Updated: 6/24/2020
English CAT

Storyboard Text

  • During the school holiday, Lottie has decided to come and stay at my farm.
  • WOW!Oma's farm is realy hot.
  • Annie: Why dont we go sit under the vine tress and eat some apricots.
  • Of cause
  • I am so full.
  • Annie: If your feeling ok did you wanna go outside to look for some speciments.
  • Annie: Its body still looks like its in good condition.
  • Look, look!theres a dead rabbit.
  • Alright, lets preserve it.
  • Annie: Did you wanna go outside again to play a game this time?
  • Sure why not.
  • Lets quickly tell Oma before the fire reaches the house.
  • Annie: Lottie look! Theres a bush fire coming towards us.