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Evan's Graduation Day
Updated: 3/9/2020
Evan's Graduation Day
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  • Evan was ready to graduate and was rehearsing his valedictorian speech.
  • Evan was nervous to get to the podium and give his speech. The podium is 5 ft tall and he wants to know how far he is from it. He is looking down at the base of it at a 15° angle. Using the tangent formula he can find how far he is from it. tan15°(5/x). His answer was 18.7
  • Congratulations class of 2020!
  • Evan's family had a graduation party waiting for him inside
  • Evan was having so much fun at his party but was starting to feel hungry. That cake on the table looked delicious. He was 3 ft away from the table. He wanted to know how far the cake was from his feet. The angle of depression to his feet was 20°. Using the cosine formula he could find his answer. cos20°(3/x). His answer was 3.2
  • The party was not quite over. There was a fun pool party for him outside. He looked down from the long flight of stairs which was 30 ft high. at the stairs of the pool. He wondered at what angle he was looking at it from. He knew if he were to fly straight down to the stairs of the pool, it's be 20 ft. Using the sine formula he knew he could find the angle of depression. sin-1(30/20). His answer was 2.1
  • Thank you guys for helping me find the correct answers today on my graduation day using trigonometry. Until next time!
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