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Billy and Darryl
Updated: 3/26/2019
Billy and Darryl
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  • Billy is an average schoolboy, who has an average life with riches from his father. However, he never knows how his father gets the money, and finds a medicine bottle on the floor.
  • Billy's mother is kidnapped, and Billy finds another medicine bottle on the floor. He asks his science teacher for help and finds his father's fingerprints. He realizes that 1. His father is a drug dealer 2.His father kidnapped his mother.
  • Billy assembles his team of friends to find ransom money for his mother.
  • The negotiation fails, and Billy's friends hold Darryl's gang members back, while Billy chases Darryl.
  • Darryl is caught! Order of cells: 1st cell: Exposition 2nd Cell: Inciting Incident 3rd Cell: Rising Action 4th Cell: Climax 5th Cell: Falling Action 6th Cell: Resolution
  • Darryl and his gang are imprisoned,, and served justice! Thank you to for making this possible Thank you to Mrs.Terzian for recommending this website.
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