Esther's Life Story
Updated: 5/8/2020
Esther's Life Story

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  • But I am Jewish and the King is Persian. What if he does not accept me as his Queen?
  • Cousin Esther, you are so kind and beautiful. You should enter the King's beauty pageant.
  • I cannot believe that I won. I am going to do great things for my people.
  • Thank you, Queen Esther for saving the Jewish people.
  • lets kill all the jews
  • I have to convince the King not to follow Haman's plan.
  • Haman, I agree with your plan.
  • My Queen, you are absolutely right. It is a terrible idea to kill all the Jews. Haman must be punished.
  • If you kill all the Jews, then you will have to kill me too because I'm Jewish too.
  • Take him away!
  • You haven't seen the last of me! I'll be back!
  • God's plan for me has always been to serve my people. Love God and he shall protect us!