The Hate You Give
Updated: 1/14/2021
The Hate You Give

Storyboard Text

  • "You mean the night he was killed?"
  • "Can you tell us what happened the night of the incident?"
  • "Pause. What the f*ck?" ... "What does that have to do with anything?"
  • "Now, do you know if Khali sold narcotics?"
  • "'Who, wait one second,' Momma says. 'Are y'all putting Khali and Starr on trial or the cops who killed him?'"
  • "'You haven't asked my child about that cop yet,' Momma says. 'You keep asking her about Kahli, like he's the reason he's dead. Like she said, he didn't pull the trigger on himself.'"
  • "I-I don't quite understand, Mrs. Carter?"