Task 1 RST Assessment Mosse

Updated: 9/8/2021
Task 1 RST Assessment Mosse

Storyboard Text

  • Moses guiding the Hebrews through the desert to gods land he promised would be there home
  • Moses and the Hebrews encounter the Red sea
  • God hiding the Hebrews and Moses from the egyptians
  • God guides Moses and the Hebrew people out of Egypt to the promised land that God said would be their new home. In the day a bright cloud guides them and in the night a pillar of fire guilds them. They also brought with them their ancestor joseph because he was a great man in Egypt but wanted to be buried in his own land.
  • Moses opens up the sea for the Hebrews to and closes it after they all cross
  • Then after several days of traveling Moses and the Hebrews have reached the red sea. But then the Hebrews get mad at Moses for leading them to their death because the Pharaoh's Egyptian army was right behind them. Then Moses says "don't be afraid after today, you will never see these Egyptians again. The Lord will fight on our behalf. just be still, and see what God is going to do".
  • Moses and the Hebrews happy that God saved them from the egyptians
  • Then as Moses is speaking the bright cloud appears behind them. Hiding them from the Egyptians.
  • None
  • So Moses holds out his staff to the red sea as God told him to. A strong east wind blows back at the sea it rolls back the water. The Hebrew people see this and joyfully rush across the path in the sea. Then the Pharaoh's Egyptian army rushes across the sea so Moses puts his hand out and the wind dies which traps the Egyptians in the rushing sea.
  • The Hebrews look back at the sea and are surprised that God has saved them from the Egyptians. Some of them said God has saved us and I'll never doubt again that God sent Moses to save us from the Egyptians. Then Moses's sister leads the chorus singing praises to god.
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