Tears of a tiger
Updated: 3/12/2020
Tears of a tiger

Storyboard Text

  • Rob
  • Rob is the captain of the basketball team and is the one who died.Strength- was a great athleteWeakness- Had the urge to go out and drink with friendsHis defining moment was when he sadly past away in the crash.His biggest Struggle is being too tall to fit in cars
  • Andy
  • Andy was the driver of the car when it crashed, he is the one struggling to get over it.Strength- Is able to hide his feelings from peopleWeakness- Has no one to talk to for helpHis defining moment was being the driver in the car when it crashed.His biggest struggle is dealing with his emotions
  • BJ
  • BJ was one of the boys in the crash, after that night he started to go to church againStrength- Didn't loom over the crashWeakness- Excluded himself after the crashHis defining moment was his prayer, talking to God saying he was going to straighten upHis biggest struggle is returning to a religious life after the crash
  • "What can I say? College scouts from all over the world are knockin' on my door..." (Pg. 5)
  • Tyrone
  • "I wish you could understand where I'm comin' from sometimes." (Pg. 152)
  • Gerald
  • "Please, Lord, help me to learn to live with this too." (Pg. 17)
  • Keisha