teach a newbie how third line of defence works

Updated: 9/28/2020
teach a newbie how third line of defence works

Storyboard Text

  • attack the body! they have not recognised us yet
  • oi, who is that, that cell is not one of us, immune system get that cell out of here.
  • Pathogen invades the bodyWhen the pathogen invades the body it will clone itself to infect the body and cause symptoms of illnesses. The Pathogen can enter our bodies through our eyes, nose, mouth, reproductive systems,wounds and cuts.
  • Ay you're done, I have found the matching antibody
  • Pathogen is recognised as foreign Your immune system identifies your own body cells by the presence of the protein on the surfaces. The pathogen does not have protein on the surfaces so the pathogen will be then be attacked by the immune system.
  • I am a B-cell I transform into a plasma cell and memory cell.
  • plasma
  • memory
  • Antibodies are released and fight off the pathogenThere are white blood cells called B-cells and they release antibodies to fight off the pathogenAntibodies are a unique shaped proteins used in the immune system to obliterate pathogens.
  • send them!
  • Antigen finds a matching antibodyAn antigen is a pathogen that causes immune system to generate many antibodies. After A few hours or days antigen will find a matching antibody.
  • B cell turns into a plasma cell and memory cellThe B cell transforms itself into plasma cell to clear the antigen. The B cell will also change into a memory cell to respond to the antigen that has been used on the specific pathogen.
  • Memory cell is stored in the bodyThe memory cell is stored in the body because when the same pathogen has entered the body the memory cell will reuse the same antibodies to obliterate the pathogen.