The Pearl
Updated: 11/10/2018
The Pearl
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  • The Pearl
  • The Pearl By:John Steinback
  • Exposition:Calm and peaceful
  • Rising action:Proud and hopeful
  • By:Vincent P.
  • Climax:Outraged and betrayed
  • Throw away the pearl it will destroy us all!
  • No! We need it to sell it to give our son a education.
  • Kino and Juana are having a nice calm morning with their baby,Coyotito. Everything is calm and peaceful. It is nice a morning.
  • Falling action: Angry and violent
  • Kino has just found a great pearl. A huge one. It brings him hope and he realizes it can bring him a good fortune.
  • Resolution:Sad and depressed
  • After a series of bad luck events. Juana, believing the pearl gives them bad luck. Attempts to try and throw the pearl back but is stopped by Kino who is determined to sell the pearl.
  • Kino goes to the capital to try to sell the pearl. On his way he runs into bandits. Whom he kills and in the processes of killing the last one he accidentally kills Coyotito! 
  • After returning to their home in La Paz. Kino, realizing the pearl brings bad luck, Throws away the pearl into the ocean were it will never be found again.
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