when the telivision ate my best friend
Updated: 11/26/2020
when the telivision ate my best friend

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  • 2 best friends, linda and lucy were playing in lucys backyard on the swings one day, but suddenly linda fell off the swing set. lucie figured that they could fly if they jumped off the swings at the right hight they could fly.
  • OH NO YOU FELL!!!!!
  • they swung all day trying to get the right hight but when it started to get dark, lucies mom called her inside beause her father brought something home. she promised they were going to fly the next day.
  • yea!
  • we can fly if we get the right hight like when i fell off the swings!
  • lucie walked inside and promised that we would fly tomorrow.
  • we will fly tomorrow!
  • the next day, linda knocked on lucies door. her mom answered and said that she couldnt play. linda was so sad. she tried to knock on her door for atleast 4 months but she never came out.
  • one day linda walked in on her parents talking about getting a t.v. she got so scared and said no the t.v. ate lucie! they laughed and said no no, lucie is watching t.v. right now!
  • no!!!
  • christmas came around and santa brought lindas family a tv. after that day, they never ate as a family, they never played together or even talked to eachother. they were always just watching tv.
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