Updated: 3/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I was in my room c-hilling
  • As I was walking up I already knew what was going on
  • my mom got a call saying that we lost my great granny
  • so I went to the hall-way and I seen her crying and I asked her what was wrong
  • my mom was in her room sleep
  • I felt like I hated eveveryone and I just locked myself in my room
  • my world changed a whole lot in a good way but at the same time in a bad way
  • 2 nights after the funrual she cam o me in m y dreams
  • she told me she wanted to see me do better and not to worry and that she was okay
  • then the weekend goes and I hae to go to school
  • and I got better my teachers was seeing improvement
  • at first I every thing that came in my way I destroyed it
  • i still had my hard days where i didn't want nobody around me
  • things has gotten so much better
  • even though things was a little better my mind still was out of this world
  • Now im okay and doing a whole lot better and im so proud of that