E não Sobrou Nenhum - Agatha Christie

Updated: 11/17/2020
E não Sobrou Nenhum - Agatha Christie

Storyboard Text

  • Soldier's Island
  • The Ten Soldiers
  • We were hired to work here, but we also don't know the owner of the house.
  • The owner of the house sent us to say that he had a problem, and that it will only arrive later.
  • The Dinner
  • all: In mine too ...
  • How funny, in my room there is a picture with the lyrics of the music of the ten soldiers.
  • The story begins with eight people who do not know each other and who are going to a small island, called Soldado Island, to spend a few days at the home of a man they also do not know.
  • Perfect Crimes
  • Upon arriving there, guests are welcomed by the butler and maid, who are married. Each guest is taken to their room, and then everyone goes down to an elegant dinner. In the room of each one there is a little wall on the wall with the lyrics of the children's song "The Ten Soldiers".
  • And There is None Left
  • Ten soldiers go out to dinner, hunger moves them;One of them choked, and then nine were left.Nine soldiers who are up late, but none are up for it;One slept too much, and then eight were left.Eight soldiers go to Devon for a walk and buy gum;One didn't want to go back, and then there were seven left.Seven soldiers will split firewood, but beholdThat one of them was cut in half, and then there were six left.Six soldiers with the hive, playing hard;The bee stings one, and then five are left.Five soldiers go to the court, to see the fact being judged;One got in trouble, and then there was room left.Four soldiers go overboard, one has never had a chance;He was swallowed by the smoked herring, and then there were three left.Three soldiers walking in the zoo, seeing lions and oxen,The bear hugged one, and then two left.Two soldiers playing in the sun, without any fear;One burned, and then only one was left.A soldier is alone, only one remains;He hanged himself,And there is none left.
  • At dinner a girl recognizes the decorations on the table.They hear a mysterious voice that recounts the crime that each had committed. Anthony falls dead with the poison in his drink. TEN SOLDIERS GET OUT TO DINNER, THE HUNGER MOVES THEM; ONE OF THEM CHANGED, AND THEN WAS NINE.
  • The End
  • At night, the ten inhabitants discover the real reason for their stay: all of them have in their past, what is called a perfect crime. They all committed or facilitated a crime, which for lack of evidence had to be filed, leaving their guilty parties free, and in some cases, wealthy.
  • As the deaths go on, they follow the poem. And the deaths are happening in the most varied ways, all following the simple poem.
  • This mysterious case the police were unable to clarify. After a long time, a fisherwoman found a bottle with a letter in the sea, and everything was clarified. In it the judge confesses to having pretended to be dead, killed everyone because everyone had killed someone and had not been caught, right after he killed himself.
  • Letter