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Updated: 5/9/2020
science story
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  • 100 years in the future, in a beautiful climax community, plants and animals lived happily on earth together after the untimely demise of the human race.
  • Over time, with the help of secondary succession, the crevices were filled with water and moss began to grow over the once-barren land. Life was returning!
  • However, beneath the surface, a monster-like worm creature grew and laid eggs. This creature acts like a vacuum to water, and can wipe a lake clean of life just months.
  • The ecosystem continued to grow an develop, a pioneer community of animals was born, insects and dinosaur-like creatures. More and more life returned to the lake.
  • 75 years after the killer worms took over, after finishing the seral stage, the lake ecosystem on earth has fully recovered to its original glory.
  • A year later, the killer worms took over, they sucked up the lake, killing the fish and then (by the food chain) killed all other life that had relied on the lake. The worms started to die out as well since they didn't have any more water to suck up.
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