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Science project
Updated: 5/22/2020
Science project
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  • Boy, am I hungry!
  • Two stray dogs were hungry and they decided to go to the deli to try and get a snack.
  • They thought it would be polite if they wiped their feel on the welcome mat before they went in. It might've increased their chances of getting food.
  • They HAVE to give us food now!
  • DELI
  • What they didn't notice while politely rubbing their feet on the mat was that the mat was made of wool so the electrons in it went into the shoes that they somehow just acquired.
  • DELI
  • The meat inside was becoming very tempting. Feeling that they had rubbed their feet enough, they decided it was almost time to go in. They thought that they should wait until someone in the store saw them wiping their feet.
  • People need to see our hard work!
  • DELI
  • When they saw someone come to the door, The touched the doorknob to come in and they got a shock for static electricity! Even though that shock probably hurt a lot, they wanted their food very bad, so they stayed.
  • We want our meat!
  • DELI
  • But the story changed when the corona virus appeared next to him at the door. They ran for their life having learned their lesson--even delis can have the corona virus!
  • DELI
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