Storyboard That Instructions
Updated: 3/12/2020
Storyboard That Instructions

Storyboard Description

Have fun and be creative! : )

Storyboard Text

  • Screen-Shot Keys
  • Cont. + Shift +
  • Screen Shot Highlight
  • Screen-Shot Saving
  • Simultaneously click "Control", "Shift", and the button with three rectangles overlapping each other at the top center of your keyboard (right above the six key).
  • Opening PowerPoint
  • Use your cursor to surround the first row of your storyboard. (You'll repeat these steps to post your 2nd row after you have pasted your 1st row.)
  • Posting Your StoryBoard
  • Okay, here's my name...Paste!Now to add my 2nd row...
  • Notice the pop-up at the bottom right corner.Click "Copy to Clipboard".
  • Rehearsing : )
  • My Creative, Amazing Epilogue!
  • 2 x 2
  • 3 x 2
  • Go to Google Classroom.Click "The Most Dangerous Game Epilogue StoryBoard" under "Short Stories and Lit Terms".
  • Lit Terms/Short Stories
  • Aughe's 2nd
  • MDG StoryBoard
  • Scroll to find your name. Then click "Cntrl" and "V" to paste your first Storyboard row to your 1st slide.Repeat these steps to add your second row to your 2nd slide.(Duplicate your slides [right click, duplicate] if you have more than two rows of StoryBoard.)
  • Practice your story-telling skills by preparing to present your storyboard to the class! : )
  • Bravo!