Science storyboard
Updated: 3/6/2020
Science storyboard

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  • OK class, we are gong to talk about magnetism. Magnetism is a non-contact force in which two objects made of certain metals attract or repel. 
  • Hi I am Lilly! I am on a class trip in the city! In science class we have been learning about forces!
  • Let's get on a boat so we can learn about forces!
  • Sup, I am Mike!! Zak do you even know what a force is? A force is a push or a pull.
  • Hello I am Zak! Hey Lilly did you know there a bunch of different forces like contact and non-contact forces!
  • I use a buoyant force to ride over the waves! The gas that powers me up causes a contact force allowing me to go!
  • Wow that's really cool!
  • Sophie do you see how when I stretch this rubber band out it always will come back to its original shape? That is because the force of me pulling is a contact force, pulling it back.
  • When I run on this beach the grip of my shoes on the sand causes friction. Friction is a contact force that is caused by objects rubbing against each other, like my shoe and the sand.
  • ahh. ahh. ahh. ahh
  • Just Married
  • Have you ever wondered why you stay on the ground and don't go floating into the air?
  • GRAVITY!!!
  • Yep, You guessed it gravity! Gravity is a non-contact force of attraction due to the amount of matter of an object.
  • Your hair got ELECTRIFIED! Electricity is a non-contact force, that is caused by neutrons. When there is two different neutrons they attract causing electricity
  • Help LOOK what the ballon did to my hair! not to mention the fact i floating over New York City!
  • I am so glad that field trip is over! I learned alot about forces! WAIT what is outside my window??
  • I learned a lot today guys I want to go on a field trip again!
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