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Updated: 11/20/2020
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Storyboard Text

  • Why do i have a feeling that there is something in my room...? I'll go check it out.
  • Wha- why is there grass in my room? And why is there a door?
  • I'll go check it out...
  • where did this come from. mom and dad haven't told me about this...
  • It all started in her bed room... well lili's bed room, where she got here self wondering, that she had a feeling that there were something in her room.
  • its beautiful but.... maybe they don't know...
  • So as all 9 year old children would do she checked it out for her curiosity got the best of her not knowing that there were plants growing through out her room and a door she knew would lead to somewhere so she went in.
  • through the door led her to a beautiful garden. she was astonished of what she saw.
  • A beautiful garden where bees came to feed on the flowers. Where flowers were in full bloom to the lush grass. And up to the trees to see a birds nest on a branch. yes it was beautiful. and yet wondering about something.
  • She played in that garden all night, she saw birds that were beautiful, and flowers that were stunning, although she loved to play in this garden she always had in the back of her mind wondering why her parents never told her about this garden or even say it might show up... Why you may ask?
  • its because her mother, father and her mothers sister played in that garden when they were kids they say that it would show up when someone would be thinking about it meaning lili's mother or father could be thinking about the garden. but... lili's aunt wich was her mother's sister died in that garden from something her mother nor father can explane all they know that they where never to set foot in that garden again...