David's alibi by Thanh Nhan Vo
Updated: 2/13/2020
David's alibi by Thanh Nhan Vo

Storyboard Text

  • Sure, Gram, It's me .
  • Is that you, Davy?
  • Oh, why thank you Davy.
  • hey grandma i made some green jell-O for you!
  • oh, i thought you didn't like day time TV you know its just game shows right?
  • Lets watch some TV, shall we?
  • David comes home thinking that he could get his grandma to sleep so he can sneak out and kidnap Mr. Griffin.
  • no not at all why?
  • hey grandma you feeling tired at all?
  • David is making her jell-O with some drug, so that she could eat and then quickly fall asleep sense jell-O is her favorite.
  • zzzzzz
  • oh this channels your favorite isn't it?
  • Now David is trying to put on TV, his gram loves to watch TV and she always falls asleep to it often.
  • now time to get to the school i better hurry before gram wakes up!
  • David is asking her if she is tired in all means that she would fall asleep.
  • David is also being very nice to her so that she would be in a good mood and have a deep sleep. David checked her to know that she is ok.
  • His grandma is now sleeping which was a success so now he can leave.