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Updated: 1/15/2020
Unknown Story
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Nick has grown up as an only child. His parents being successful doctors, have always pushed him to be the best in school. They expect nothing less of him than a perfect report card and plenty of awards. As he graduates high school, his parents persuade him to attend medical school so that he can follow in their lead to become a doctor. As he enters the adult world, he finishes up school and settles down with a profession in medicine. He begins to question who he is and realizes that he does not want to be a doctor. He only did it for his parents approval. In the first two slides, we see Nick going through the Industry vs. Inferiority stage. He has always questioned whether he'll be able to live up to his parents expectations of him. With them having such successful lives, he doesn't know if he'll turn out the same. He graduates high school wondering if he'll ever be as fortunate as his parents. They push him to go to med-school and he doesn't disagree all because he is worried that he'll become worthless in the adult world. We see Nick enter the Identity vs. Role Confusion stage in the third slide. He graduated med-school and is now a doctor. All would appear perfect in his world, but he realizes that this is not the life he wanted for himself. He never wanted to become a doctor and only did it because he was afraid of failure and disappointment if he didn't follow in his parents footsteps. He was too busy trying to make his parents happy to truly focus on what he wanted for himself. He is confused with his place in the world and is unhappy about his inability to stand up to his parents for what he truly wanted.

Storyboard Text

  • How are your grades? Straight A's right?
  • How can I ever live up to my parents' names... I'll never be good enough for them.
  • You have to work hard so that you can end up like your mom and I and become a doctor.
  • Congratulations, now on to medical school.
  • I may be a doctor now, but I am not happy. I did this for my parents, not myself. I don't even know who I am...
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