English Holiday Homework 3
Updated: 6/1/2021
English Holiday Homework 3

Storyboard Text

  • Good morning to one and all present here. Today I am going to conduct an interview with my parents and find out how things have changed.
  • So lets start! I will ask you minimum 10 questions, you have to answer me, ok?
  • Ok.
  • Ok so 1st question. What you were not allowed to do when you were of my age?
  • I was not allowed to got to movie theatre alone.
  • OH.2nd question, why you were not allowed to do so?
  • AS the movie theatre was far away from my house and I needed bus that's why i was not allowed.
  • Ok.3rd question,what did your parents believed in?
  • My parents only believed in god.
  • Ok so 4th question what did you disagree with your parents to do about?
  • My parents used to tell me to do a degree but I didn't do it so I disagreed to do this.