Historical Foundations of our Republic
Updated: 2/7/2020
Historical Foundations of our Republic
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  • We can get rid of owning slaves and we can stop all those rich nobles!
  • Yes! No more slaves, we want to also participate in an democratic government.
  • I am sorry! I did not do anything! I did not break the law!
  • According to the Twelve Tables, he bribed a judge. He is guilty!
  • You also were lying in court! You moron! Speak! The Twelve Tables is always right!
  • Today is the execution Of King Charles 1!
  • No One is above the Law! Not even You!
  • We, the Barons, want our rights!
  • I will create a Parliament! According to the Magna Carta!
  • I, Montesquieu, will ensure the common good by using the system of checks and balances.
  • I, John Locke, believe in social contract, where people agree to be governed. This will create a more democratic philosophy.
  • Yes, we believe them!
  • By signing the Mayflower Compact,we can start a new government.
  • It is important because we need to start a new government in order to have more democratic area.
  • At last, I see land!
  • We, The House Of Burgesses, are the first representative assembly in colonial America.
  • In Massachusetts, we called our lower house by voters selecting them.
  • The House Of Burgesses has made a huge impact on America.
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