The bus ride
Updated: 4/6/2021
The bus ride

Storyboard Text

  • Clue
  • Sleuth
  • this is a strange man with this backpack....
  • Evidence
  • omg i see blood in his hand, Did he kill someone??? Oh no
  • A clue is a hint to what is happening in a mystery. The man in the story had a suspicious backbag
  • suspect
  • Sleuth is Another name for a detective, like the nurse in this story she think about that strange man
  • victim
  • oh no he really a killer and he did kill his family. What do i do now.
  • Evidence is Information and facts that help prove something or make you believe something is true.The nurse believe that the man is the killer because there is blood in the man's ring
  • witness
  • suspect is A person who is believed to have possibly committed the crime. so the strange man in this story is the suspect.
  • Victim is A person who is harmed or suffers some loss due to the crime. so the person was killed by the strange man is the victim.
  • Witness is Someone who saw the crime being committed and can provide some information. that is the nurse she known that the man was killed someone but she didn't provide information to the police.