The new guy
Updated: 2/26/2021
The new guy

Storyboard Description

originally from a pet for Calvin.

Storyboard Text

  • Wyatt said -
  • It was Wyatt's first day in 5'th grade.When he walked in school he saw a poster on the wall that said, a kid named Calvin won a award for the most unique pet.
  • Two weeks later Wyatt heard on the intercom that sense of COVID-19 that bring your pet to school day would be hosting outside.
  • Wyatt said- I've got the cutest dog ever this will be easy
  • Fast forward to bring your pet to school day, Wyatt said-that he will go last and the teacher agreed. When Wyatt was up he kept his dog in a dog kennel then he revealed Striker aka his dog.
  • And said that he was a hybrid between a Grey wolf, German Shepard, Alaskin husky, and a Great Pyrenees, After the vote on the most unique pet award Wyatt said - Oh I know I won. And he did.
  • Calvin whispered under his breath- Wait till were in middle school.