Bad behavior
Updated: 4/4/2020
                                                                  Bad behavior
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This story talks about the bullying that new students often receive, and also about apologizing when a mistake is made.

Storyboard Text

  • New Classmate
  • Good Morning students!Today we will be welcoming a new student.
  • Hi! I'm Ryan.Great to meet you all.
  • Target
  • Suspicion
  • It was the first day of the new school year and Ryan was the new boy in class. The teacher presented him to the class and started the day's lesson.
  • Caught red handed
  • After the first lesson ended, Lara and Mira started talking about Ryan behind his back. Instead of asking him directly, they started making assumptions about him and didn't care that he could hear them.
  • Guilty
  • Lara and Mira's behavior turned into bullying and they started harassing Ryan more often. One day, their teacher over heard a little of their conversation but decided to ignore them for now.
  • Apology
  • We are sorry.
  • While that teacher was in the library, she heard familiar voices. She then realized who they were and noticed that their words became more mean. She quickly confronted the girls about their shameful behavior and sent them to the principal's office.
  • The principal reprimanded Lara and Mira and explained that just because Ryan is quiet about it doesn't mean that it is okay to continue bullying him. Then, the principal asked the girls to apologize after realizing their mistake.
  • At the end of the day, Lara and Mira approached Ryan and apologized, and then told him that they will not bully him again and that they realized that what they did was wrong. Each of them parted ways peacefully.
  • As long as you know your mistake, I forgive you.
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