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How to Fish while lost at Sea
Updated: 4/23/2020
How to Fish while lost at Sea
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Storyboard Description

A guide on how to fish while lost at sea. Using examples from the book life of Pi.

Storyboard Text

  • How to fish while Lost at Sea
  • To Catch a Turtle: 1. Wait untill Turtle is close to raft or boat 2. Get a good grip on the shell of the turtle (head facing away from you)3. Pull on to Raft / Boat
  • ¨When I had a good grip I attempeted to pull it onto the raft¨ (p.200)
  • How to Kill a Turtle for Consumption:1. After getting Turtle on to raft lay tutle on its BACK2. Insert Knife or any other Hachet into turtles neck (or any other main artery)
  • ¨I took hold of the hatchet and brought it down on the tutles neck gashing it.¨ (p. 201)
  • How to Catch a Shark1. Wait untill shark is close enough to Boat or Life raft2. Quickly grab onto the shark with bare hands3. Easier to do with smaller sharks
  • ¨in the dying light of the day, and I caught them with my bare hands as they came close to the life boat.¨ (p.218)
  • How to Kill a Shark1. When the shark is on the boat hold down with one hand and chop Head off2. Shark can also be stabbed between eyes with a knife
  • ¨I found that stabbing them in the eyes with the knife was faster¨ (p.220)
  • How to Fish1. Using a net in the life boat secure to the side of the boat and pull up catch when ready2. Using string and bait can also attract fish (less effective than net
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