Unknown Story
Updated: 2/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Morning!
  • Hold still.....this is dangerous!
  • Oh no.....he is spilling it! Ahhhhh!!!
  • Help...I'm floating!
  • Ok, Harry, I know you're hungry....come and get some food.
  • It felt like an ordinary Thursday as I arrived at school and met my friends. Little did I know that things were about to get really weird.
  • How does he know that?
  • Second period was science and the teacher asked for a volunteer. It was only holding a beaker, so I did it. Next thing I knew, he has spilled some of the mixture on to my hand.
  • See......super strength!
  • ????
  • I started feeling funny and had to leave the class. In the hall, I realised that I was floating!
  • Hey...who hit me?
  • Ha..ha..ha..he'll never know it was me!
  • I managed to run home and in my bedroom I found out that I had other powers too! Not only could I float, I could also read minds, turn invisible and had super strength!
  • Lifting my Mum and dad was so much fun! They were so confused.
  • I also had a bit of fun with my friends.....being invisible is great!