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The Hidden Family
Updated: 8/25/2020
The Hidden Family
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  • Mamma, are we ever going to move out of this stinky place??
  • We legit have one good chair that is actually comfy to sit on
  • Probably not sweetie, but maybe we could get some new things.
  • Mamma, we think there is two people outside. can we go play with them, we are sick of playing by ourselves
  • Finally, some friends
  • Hopefully mum let's us play with them.
  • No, come with me now and get the other two please, We need to go hide in case they do come in.
  • Oh, i really wanted to play will them. i never play with anyone that isn't my family.
  • Ok mamma, Libby,Sam!
  • The Davis family is a family of five, they are homeless and they live in the abandoned hotel. Rachel is a single mum looking after her 4 kids the best she can. She thinks no one knows that herself and her kids are living in the abandoned hotel.
  • Well Klaus, were here! do you reckon anyone is actually in there?
  • This place is not somewhere someone should be living.
  • Maybe, but if they are and people know, it could be very dangerous though for the people who are inside, because of the council.
  • The youngest kids where playing in one of the living rooms with each other, when they heard some voices outside they looked outside the window and saw people, then they called there mum.
  • These walls are so old and this place is not safe to live in.
  • Hope Damon, doesn't scare them!
  • 'Concerned'
  • I can't believe we didn't know till now people where living here.
  • We are here to help. Your not safe here, you can trust us.
  • Rachel looked outside and saw the two brothers, she told the two little ones to go get the other two, so they could all go hide in case the two men came in. Rachel didn't want anyone to know her family was living in the abandoned house.
  • Both little ones crying.
  • Calm down, we aren't going to hurt you, I promise.
  • AHHH! Please don't hurt us, or harm my children, I beg you!
  • Were gonna die!!
  • Damon and Klaus where outside the abandoned house and they where talking and they heard voices coming from inside, they then went through the door and ended up in the dark hallway.
  • The twins walked in and just looked around and they both just felt concerned, because of the state of the hotel, they both couldn't believe people where living there and they didn't know about it sooner.
  • Damon and Klaus found the Davis family, they were so scared, Damon and Klaus tried to calm the mother down. The twins wanted to help and keep the family safe.
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