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The Inspirational story of Kitty Kittson
Updated: 3/13/2019
The Inspirational story of Kitty Kittson
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  • Hello. My name is Kitty Kittson, but my friends call me Kit. That is, if I had any friends. I am a cat, but not just any ordinary cat. I was born blind. Life is not easy for me now, but it's about to get a whole lot harder.
  • cafeteria
  • I made it to school. My first classes were fine. The teachers gave me assignments in braille. I was wandering down the school, using my nose to guide me to the cafeteria.
  • Wow! So many sounds, so much to- Oh! Sorry about that!
  • BUMP!
  • Hey! Watch it! Oh. It's little miss No-Eyes. Hah! Weirdo!
  • cafeteria
  • I knew this would happen! I know I shouldn't have gone to this dumb school in the first place!
  • Buster! You know it isn't her fault she's weird.
  • !!!!
  • Waaaa!
  • Yeah right, Fuzzball. Good riddance!
  • I knew I'd get bullied here... I only wanted to come to this stupid school to make friends! And I know that's not going to happen.
  • I ran and ran until I reached a closet. ( I knew it was a closet because it said that in braille.) I slammed the door and cried. My first day at this new school was going terribly. I just wanted to close my sightless eyes and disappear. Then, I heard someone open the door.
  • Who's th-th-there? L-Leave me alone. I don't need help.
  • Please come with us! We'll guide you to the cafeteria!
  • After tons of begging, I left the closet and followed her and her friend to the cafeteria.
  • Umm, my name is Kitty Kittson, but you can call me Kit.
  • Hello! My name is Cherry, and this is my friend Trixie. We saw what that dumb Buster did back there, and we knew we had to help. Before you ask, Trixie is deaf. She needs me as her guide. We want you to be part of our club. What's your name?
  • Cute name! C'mon, we'll find ourselves a place to sit.
  • Maybe this isn't so bad after all, now that I found some new friends! THE END
  • Cherry and Trixie and I will be best friends. Although there will always be someone who wants to be rude, I know that with friends like them by my side, I can get through it.
  • Hah! Miss No-Eyes is hanging around with the weirdo group now.
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