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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/16/2017
Unknown Story
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  • on parenting sm
  • leave the house noone wants you!
  • on love sm
  • i hope you like the jacket i made you
  • love you too
  • on nature sm
  • what Simon Birch is trying to tell us is that parents need to be more involve in there kids lives.and don't be putting them down all the time and just be there for him.
  • the scarlet ibis
  • Ms.Wentworth, Ben Goodrich, and Joe all showed Simon love when hes parents did not show him love when he needed it.
  • the scarlet ibis
  • The Armadillo in the story is actually simon birch.all the nature was connected in the movie.doe armadillo.they were like the same one likes armadillo and no one thinks its cute just like simon.
  • the scarlet ibis
  • in the scarlet ibis the parents did not think doodle would make it and they got him a coffin cuz they thought he was going to die.
  • no one really loved doodle besides the brother.the brother didn't really show it and he was just embarrassed of hes little brother.then when he died hes brother started crying cuz he miss him.
  • the ibis was like doodle in a way.they both end up dying after a while.the bird and simon both had things in common like they are the same people.simon had a feeling that he should put the ibis down to rest cuz he know what it feels like to be alone.
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