Unknown Story
Updated: 11/16/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Shot 1 , Wide shot
  • Hey guys , do we have this silly class that always talk about pollution
  • yeah! i heard that today it'll be focusing on plastic pollution and we will be in pairs.
  • Ah! Today will be boring as always.
  • Shot 2 , wide shot.
  • Alright Sir, no problem.
  • Today we will be focusing on plastic pollution as the main pollution tool.
  • Here he starts again, duh! Sir your topic is so boring can you please sit down.
  • Shot 3 , wide shot
  • YES! please tell her.
  • It's not our job , so why worry about someone else's problems.
  • Hey!Hey! Why don't you pick up what's in front of you.
  • He's older than you so please show respect.
  • In the early morning , a group of students have their social gatheringsDuration:8 seconds
  • Shot size , wide shot
  • What have we done wrong
  • Excuse me!!
  • Girl watch out here he comes again.
  • They embarc on their lecture with Mr ThomasDuration:8 seconds
  • Shot size , wide shot
  • Make sure these two are in my office ,
  • It wasn't my idea , it was hers !
  • Two girls bumb into a security guard and quarrel about the paper on the ground.Duration:7 seconds
  • Shot size , wide shot
  • But Mrs Thomas we......
  • As they proceed with their day , they bumb into the security guards again.Duration:8 seconds
  • Again!! Alright you two come with me.
  • Iv'e reported your actions to the department.
  • They then take the matter further into the principals hands.Duration: 7 seconds
  • Can't believe i listened to you ! Noe we're in a mess
  • I found our troublemakers polluting the place.
  • They are disciplined by the principal about pollution.Duration:7 seconds
  • You two have suspension for your unacceptable behaviour.
  • You should know better after your incidence