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Updated: 11/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Mehra Baldev flashback the old memories with Yusuf since they did not meet each other for so long.
  • Hello , Mr Mehra
  • This is Yusuf, my childhood friend. Every evening , we would fly kites then go to Yusuf 's sweet shop to steal Jhajariya.
  • Jhajariya???
  • Suman browsing on internet to find Yusuf's sweet shop.
  • .
  • ermmm... I need to find a solution. I think I need to browsing Jhajariya's sweet shop.
  • Suman make a call to the Fazal's sweet shop and he manage to talk to Yusuf. Suman introduces herself and talks about his grandfather with uncle Yusof
  • RING RING RINGHello, Assalamualikum, yes Fazal's sweet shop.
  • Hello, who's this
  • Suman feel sorry for his grandfather who missed his best friend. She decides to reunite them on her grandfather's birthday.
  • Grandad, hurmmmm
  • I miss Yusuf a lot. We have to relocate due to partition.
  • Fazal, Yusof's grandson help him to meet with Baldev. Suman picks them up at the airport.
  • I need to search what time they will arrive at the airport.
  • Yusof arrive at Baldev's house with a present for his birthday. Eventually, they are very happy to meet with each other.
  • Yes, Who? Yusuf oh Yusuf
  • Ting Tong
  • Happy birthday my friend
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