Springboard UPT_ABC
Updated: 3/19/2021
Springboard UPT_ABC

Storyboard Description

Operational Effectiveness

Storyboard Text

  • At FWD Takaful,the underwriting department consist of two workers is operating at optimum level of productivity
  • But it all changes when the volume increase 3x higher than their normal output
  • They are also worried as this affect their productivity and KPI as a team
  • They tried to explain to the management about their situation but it is hard to convince them as there is no productivity metric to show to the management
  • The workers are getting frustrated as their work keep pilling on day by day
  • The higher output created extra expenses for each of the underwriting activity
  • Down at the supply room, the operation manager is also worried as their resources are growing thin
  • How can we come out with a statistic to show to the management?
  • How can we measure the cost effectiveness of an operation activity
  • To get some idea, the underwriting manager research on example of application exist in the industry
  • How to measure company's productivity...?
  • After some extensive research , he came out with two solutions!