Updated: 6/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Everything will be alright
  • Creon, King or Corinth means to send these boys away from here - to banish them, and their mother too.
  • You shall have what you asked, you can hardly in one day accomplish what I'm afraid of
  • This one day let me stay
  • Blame no one but yourself
  • I will kill my sons, to deal Jason the deepest wound. I will also kill the Princess, Glauce
  • You filthy coward
  • Give me a welcome in your house and I will put an end to your sterility and you shall beget children
  • I swear to safeguard you
  • I am childless
  • Help, help! Mother don't kill us!
  • The Princess and her father Creon are both dead, joined in death, daughter and father
  • We can't escape from her sword
  • And such is the conclusion of this story.
  • Children, how dear you were. I long to fold you in my arms. Child-destroyer!
  • Your sons are dead