Detective Mom by Warat

Updated: 8/18/2021
Detective Mom by Warat

Storyboard Text

  • One day at the Timber Family House
  • DAD
  • TIM
  • MOM
  • Johnny
  • Where was the chocolate cake?
  • The first clue
  • =
  • One day at the Timber family house, dad bought a chocolate cake from a very famous bakery. Dad thought that he would have a party with his family in the evening. Later on, everybody went to their rooms and rest until the party starts!
  • Was it you, Tim?
  • Before the party starts, Mom went to the kitchen and found that the cake was not in the refrigerator. She became very angry. Johnny said "I would be your detective, mom". Then, Johnny wear his detective hat.
  • Smart Johnny
  • Yeh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • When Johnny found the first clue that there was a dog fur on the refrigerator. Oh! his little brother 'Tim' has a dog in the backyard and when Johnny opened the refrigerator he saw one lego toy. "Could it be Tim who ate the cake?", mom said.
  • Bad boy was grounded
  • Mom was a bit angry because nobody say sorry or admitted their fault. Then mom asked everybody went back to their rooms. "No more party", mom said. 
  • "Yeh! thanks for my smart brain. That cake was very yummy and also Tim got scolded by mom", Johnny shouted to himself. "I will do it again next time for that yummy cake", said Johnny.
  • "Hey Johnny, you said you will be a detective but you know I am a detitive mom", mom said. "The dog fur on the refrigerator was put too high to be at Tim's height and Tim was not the only one who played with the dog. It was you!". Tim was not the only one who played the lego toys and you also played with Tim. The cake was on the top shelf and Tim could not reach it. So, it was you who ate that cake! You were grounded!!!