the digestive system
Updated: 6/4/2020
the digestive system

Storyboard Text

  • its a good thing i still have this apple
  • that was good!!!!
  • yellow = the esophagus
  • After the chewed up apple is swallowed it goes down a tube called the esophagus, to your stomach. Then it goes to your stomach, where it is mixed with digestive juices.
  • blue = small intestine
  • dark blue = large intestine
  • The apple then goes through the small intestine and from there, is pushed down into you large intestine.
  • the end of the blue = rectum
  • Whilst its in the large intestine, a very long tube, it travels to the rectum.
  • Once it is in the rectum it gets pushed down and suddenly you need the toilet.
  • Now you know the journey of foodthrough the digestive system.