storyboard for history
Updated: 2/11/2021
storyboard for history

Storyboard Text

  • we the British want compensation for our hard work protecting you colonists during the french and Indian war.
  • no way! we don't want to pay you guys back!
  • the colonists did not want to pay the British back so the British imposed taxes.
  • then you guys get extra taxes.
  • as the taxes got more extreme, they colonists started to rebel.
  • they dressed as Indians and threw tea shipments into the ocean.
  • they did what?!
  • the British got mad. the colonists split from the British and a war started.
  • just don't tell anyone it was us who gave you the weapons.
  • Spain and Holland smuggled weapons to the continental army to help the colonists.
  • thanks Spain and Holland. you guys are the best.
  • We surrender!
  • the British main army was captured and surrendered to the continental army. signaling the end of major hostilities in October 1781.