ess project
Updated: 2/6/2021
ess project

Storyboard Text

  • It's actually really cool and communication is way easier now.
  • What do you think about the new unified language?
  • It's about time the emperor established astandard lengthfor the axles of allvehicles, am I right son?
  • I agree, especially that it has helped make transportation extremely more efficient!
  • First off, one of the changes Shi Huangdi made in his time as a ruler to unify china was creating a written standardized language with standard characters.
  • Okay here's the bag of rice. Do you use imperial or metric?
  • Bro did you forget already? We have a uniform set ofweights andmeasures now.
  • Furthermore, the ruler of the Qin Dynasty inaugurated a unified length for all axles of all vehicles. This, as a result, made transportation and travel across China easier because all wheels of all carts became the same length.
  • In order for an empire to be strong, the rules and laws have to be harsh!
  • Please have mercy upon me your honor.
  • Moreover, to unify china, Shi Huangdi established a uniform set of weights and measurements for trade. Later on, this resulted in the production of a uniform currency that was used all over China.
  • Lastly, the emperor of the Qin dynasty created a uniform legal system throughout china. This legal system included harsh and severe penalties for breaking any law. This aided in the strength of the empire and helped keep everything under control.